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In advance of the March 2022 Federal Budget, Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is calling on our supporters to contact their Member of Parliament (MP) and ask them to support the renewal of the Trail’s current annual federal funding, which ends in March.

While Trans Canada Trail receives funding from generous supporters like you, the majority of our funding comes from the federal government. This annual support funds local infrastructure and helps local trail groups to assist us in maintaining and stewarding Canada’s national trail.

As MPs have returned to Ottawa, and as Budget preparation is under way, now is the perfect time for you to share your support for the Trail with your Member of Parliament so they can understand its importance to you and your community – and to advocate for its renewal.

Why advocate to protect the Trans Canada Trail?

Since April 2018, with funding from the federal government, Trans Canada Trail has invested over $16.4 million toward 417 Trail projects across every province and territory. See a map of CIP-funded trail projects here (insert link).

Eighty per cent of Canadians live within thirty minutes of the Trail, making it a national resource for enhancing the mental and physical health of Canadians and our communities, and for conserving the environment, preserving greenspace and protecting habitats for local wildlife.

Since the onset of the pandemic, trail use across Canada is up close to 50% according to national surveys commissioned by TCT in November 2020, with 95% of Canadians telling us that enhanced mental wellness prompted their increased use.

Our June 2020 survey confirmed that 75% of Canadians use trails on a regular basis.

We also know that trails enhance our economy and are a vital tourism attraction that connects visitors to local businesses. Trails also enrich our understanding of Canada’s history, and in particular our understanding of the importance of relationships with Indigenous communities.

You can find more information on how we are making a difference here.

We’re making it easy to help. Here are some ways you can:

Email your MP

Send an email to your local MP by filling out the form below, or refer to the template email here

TCT Supporter Toolkit

  • Refer to the template social media posts for sharing here 
  • Don’t know who your MP is? Find your riding and connect with your MP here 

Support TCT on your social media account(s)

You can help by sharing a message about what the TCT means to you on social media. Highlighting its importance helps to underscore the importance of continued federal government funding for Trans Canada Trail. If you share your support on social media please use this hashtag: #ISupportTCT

We are connecting with MPs from all political parties across Canada to ask them to call for the renewal of Trans Canada Trail’s annual funding from the federal government through Parks Canada, in the 2022 Budget.

You can help by asking your local MP to advocate for the renewal of federal funding through @Parks Canada. Here is a copy of the letter written to your MP from Trans Canada Trail.

For any questions regarding Trans Canada Trail contact us via email at and we will respond promptly.

Thank you for your support – and thank you for joining the #ISupportTCT campaign! We will keep you posted and would encourage you to do the same – tag us on social media, email us with questions or ideas, and keep us posted on any of your conversations with Members of Parliament.